teoskuvia / pictures from works
Terhi Heino
In the spring of last year, the complete renewal of all the pipes began in our building.
Dumpsters were brought in our yard for people to clear their apartments, and they turned
out be full of treasures. I found a 1960’s herbarium that was collected by one of my neighbours – an elderly lady, who told me about the history of the herbarium and about the places where she had picked the plants.

The pieces in this exhibition consist of drawings made with loose plants from the herbarium, sculptures, and installations made out the pages. In the drawings, I’ve used the same glue and tape technique that was originally used in the herbarium. I let the shapes, structures and fragility of
the plants steer my working process and eventual themes.

Some of the pieces are related to the places where the plants were originally picked and where the past and present of urban planning now meet (A View of Kyläsaari Landfill, 2018).
In some pieces, only the imprint of the plant remains as a silhouette recorded by the plant itself.

My pieces comment on the way nature and human beings record their existence. There are references to the systematic classification of both plants and humans, modern-day treasure hunt, art history, and school assignments. My aim is to humanize nature in the spirit of post-humanism.

Terhi Heino (born 1970 in Oulu) graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Finnish
Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, and she has also studied architecture. Heino’s works have been
showcased in Finland (Galleria Ama 2009, Korjaamo Galleria 2011, Galleria Huuto 2007 and 2014)
and internationally (Spike Island Art Space in Bristol, UK 2008 and Centre regional d’art
contemporain à Montbéliard, France 2014).
Terhi Heino has been awarded the Raimo Utriainen Art Prize in 2004 and the William Thuring Prize in 2011. Her works are included in the collections of Oulu Museum of Art, Saastamoinen Foundation and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.
Terhi Heino’s art is based on different materials and an ecological approach. She uses natural
materials, organic waste and biodegradable materials, such as fish fins, used tea bags and
cellophane, out of which she creates sculptures and larger abstract installations that comment on
the transience and fragility of the individual and the environment. www.terhiheino.fi /
Kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli/Terhi Heino
The exhibition is sponsored by TAIKE and the Uusimaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural
Foundation. Enquiries: Tel. +358 44 577 5795, or terhiheino@hotmail.com.